GdM mother..

Anyone having Gdm in early pregnancy ? Diet control or insulin? Tips please.. #mommydown

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Me.. GDM under Diet Control. 1.No sugary foods n juices -fruits only can be consume in small portion (bigger size of fruits need to be cut into half. suitable for after lunch n for snacking. 2. a small bowl of carbo per meal - no ketchup n sauce while cooking. 3. avoid excessive sugar in any drinks / meals - cannot more than a tea spoon while cooking / making a glass of drinks 4. no more instant drinks, flavored drinks ps: glucose reading should not more than 7mmol/l to avoid gdm on insulin..

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I masa preggy mmg gdm cucuk insulin...sesekali smggu dua kali mnum air daun sup tuk stabilkn kncg mnis...xpntang mna pon mkn😅sbb kuat mkn n xde morning sickness. Pesakit kncg mnis kan suke mkn nk pntang mcm mna. Pntang tgk ade la n byk² berdoa supaya baby sihat n xde effect ape²👍

4y ago

Xjumpe pon🤣

Makan jambu batu yea.. Boleh low your blood sugar level brown rice brown sugar wholemeal bread... Kena control diet I pun kuat mkn takde morning sickness result dia dpt gdm 🙄

4y ago

Take small frequent meal. Works well

Just detected with gdm and now start with diet counseling first...really need to take care due it will effect baby weight.

Really? Bnyknya.. Cucuk sdri? Prgnant bpe wk? Smpai bila? Everyday ccuk? 😭

Diet control helps alot. My doctor since my early pregnancy told me to consume less sugar.

control ur diet nnti nyesal mcm i kena insulin. sakittttt😭

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