Miscarriage when see doctor?

Anyone has same experience? Had very bad pain and cramp and within few hrs changed 4-5 40cm pad filled with huge blood clot. Believe it's miscarriage already. When should I see a doctor? Few days later or now? The pain and cramp and bleeding was ytd night . 8pm to 1am.

Miscarriage when see doctor?
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Sorry to hear this 😔 Looks exactly when I had my miscarriage too. For me, I went to see my gynae the day after because it happened on a Sunday and I didnt want to incur a&e costs cz I alr knew it was a miscarriage once i saw the clots. Gynae confirmed the next day thru ultrasound. Or you cld go to A&E to get some meds to help with the pain if u cldnt bear it. Rest lots aft tt!

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confirm a miscarriage. pain for few hrs but didn't dare to go also. I know it's miscarriage but didn't want to confirm this fact. have been bleeding for more than 2 weeks nth the doc can do and no test no injection but just same medicine that doesn't work.

So sorry for ur loss. Same like me… but i didnt go for check myb bcoz ive experienced 3 misscariages so i dont bother to go for check… pls see doct for check to ease ur mind

you shld see doc immediately instead of posting here.. all the best to you Sis

I would go a&e and get it check ASAP.

I would go to a gynae now.

dont wait. go kk now