Covid during pregnancy 30 weeks

Anyone had covid during their pregnancy period? In third trimester and how was the symptom? Will it be harmful to the baby in the womb?

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I was covid positive at 28 weeks. Symptoms will perhaps vary from person to person but I started with very bad sore throat before it became coughs. Then the runny nose crept in like a tap you can't turn off. By then my sense of smell and taste were off. The medication I was prescribed was different from my husband's who had covid at the same time too. My cough medicine was safe even for infants so the recovery rate felt a lot slower . I was told to monitor baby's movement daily and to go directly to A&E should I notice that baby is not as active as usual. I have recovered and am at 33 weeks now. I had my fetal scan done last week and baby is thankfully still doing great.

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got during my 37w. didnt drink the medicines they gave me as I had manageable symptoms. i had cough and slight flu. i took warm water with lemon and ginger or lemon and honey. lots of water! it was tough coughing out the phlegm but thank God was able to recover. already been 2 weeks and till now i have slight cough. got negative results on my 7th day of home quarantine. baby is fine and healthy so far. waiting for him to come-out.

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Gotten covid in week 26. Symptom started with sore throat, then developed into cough and blocked nose. Doctor prescribed some medicine but only took it for a day or two, also had panadol for headaches. Then just drink a lot of warm water, ate fruits and had probiotics. The symptoms only got better on 6/7th day.

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I was positive at 20 weeks. Had a day of fever, sore throat. Few days of flu. Cough lasted long. Currently at 37 weeks and all is normal. Long-term effects - we won’t know till years later. Just go with the flow and take good care of yourself, there’s nothing much one can do about it!

Had covid during 2nd trimester,had high fever and muscle ache.Didn’t affect the baby and baby is healthy.

it’s normal flu symptoms. not harmful for now