Gestational diabetes

Hi anyone fail glucose test n need to eat medicine for diabetes during pregnancy? How u ladies handle over it?

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Hi! I failed my glucose test. I didn’t need to eat any medicine. Just have to monitor my glucose level using the prick blood machine 7 times a day, few hours after eating a meal. The hospital asked us to buy the Accu-Check Perfoma Glucometer device. So we can test it out ourselves and note down the levels. You also need to note down what you eat for each meal. Then on your next appointment, the doctors will check the levels and advise you if all is good or if it’s high, they’ll tell you what to cut down. If your glucose level still so high, they might have to put insulin. Just to prepare you, you would have to do another glucose test on your first gynae appt after giving birth. This time, only need to do 2 blood tests. FYI, right after meal, try to do a short walk to prevent testing high levels.

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