Hi, anyone applies this on their newborn's tummy after bath? Heard from my mum it helps to keep baby warm...

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Yup, my MIL told me to use ruyi oil too but my baby don't really like it when she is a newborn so I use eucalyptus oil instead. It is not 'spicy' and can act as insect repellant too.

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It is a traditional way to prevent wind in tummy. But not to apply directly. Drip in palms and warm up by rubbing the palms...then apply palms on tummy.

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Yes i used that. Before shower in the morning and evening before bed time. Area i put is tummy, foot. Massage it gently

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Hi... i used to rub ru Yi oil on my children tummy, back, hands and feet after bathing them. It keeps them warm

I don't use on newborn...Only start using when she's 2 months plus..And just use a little. It can get too hot

Yap i apply abit every morning after bath and when he going to sleep since he newborn till now 3months old.

Rub on your hand and then place your hands on baby's stomach. Do not apply directly onto baby's skin

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I find it a bit too harsh during the newborn stage. I prefer using digestif from InaraOrganics

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I did previously. But lately the oil become too hot for the skin and bb rash. So I stopped

Yup! On the tummy especially when there’s wind in tummy and baby feels uncomfortable.