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Anybody using cloth diaper for their babies? Is it really good? I heard it's economical and eco friendly but wondering about the hygiene and whether it is leak-proof

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Not me but my friend used it. She bought the bamboo liners for the cloth diaper. Definitely not leak-proof but her baby has much less rashes with it. She has v sensitive skin and cannot adapt to disposables (she tried all brands and also put recommended nappy creams but didn't work). She said she'd rather spend more on disposables if there's one tt her baby is ok with 😅

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I bought it but is super hard to tell if he pee or poo already, then end up when open, if it is dry, then need wear back and once abit wet only. baby feel very uncomfortable already.. then u need to change it immediately which end up, diaper save time and slightly more as u can change the diaper like every 2 hrs unless he poo on it.

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my friend has been successfully cloth diapering her kid!! she's a SAHM tho and has the time to wash and dry the diapers etc. I would love to do so too but I work full time so I can't ask others to use reusable ones. Its not the most convenient but definitely a great, money saving option that's also great for the environment!

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its economical yez...but u hv to monitor closely as u need to keep changing... we change to normal diapers after one lo keep peeing and even with waterproof diaper short outisde, bb is uncomfortable and will lead to rashes.. If u hv the time to keep washing bb laundry, can go ahead...

it depends actually, u need to get the right system n know how to boost the absorbency to suit yr baby, it also fits differently compared to disposables, if not worn correctly, IT WILL LEAK. try joining some cloth diaper group on facebook, u will learn alot

it's ok...just that you need to monitor closely and change frequently..if you're busy...and bit very diligent in checking .better not

not exactly leak proof, and you must be prepared to change more requently

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bought but decided not for convenience