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Anybody been to baby fairs or mummy's markets before? Are the deals worth going for?

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I think every April their fair is more worth to go as the price are cheaper than the rest of the month. It's their marketing strategy. I got my my baby stroller at a cheap price during this month, and the following fair I went they have with the same stroller the price increase by at lease 60 dollars.

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Preorder will be better, not all products is cheap, sometimes buy online cheaper. Only when you want trade-in your bottles then babyfair is worth for going 😃 Oh ya, i bought sterilizer and breast pump cheaper also at babyfair.

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Yes, not all items are cheap. You can do some comparisons online first before deciding if the deal is good. Some items can be pre-ordered.

Actually they are quiet good as you get to explore lot of options from various brands at reasonable rates

not for me...bought a joie playpen for $289 from recent baby fair and I saw it selling $268 in Robinson.

I went one. And brought alot. As no energy go shopping for the next time


Preorder is worth it. Not everything at mummy fair is cheap

Online shopping is much more cheaper

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Some. E.g. steriliser

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Some are quite worth it

2y ago

Bigger items like cot & stroller; cloth diapers; nursing bras - these are worth getting from baby fair Mittens/bibs @$1 Confinement herbs packahe about 20%off