Any of your LO drinks ️Similac intelli-Pro formula milk? Does your LO has phelgmy sound ? Cause constipation? I find it very sweet. Wanted to change to other brands. Tried Nan Optipro2 and it gives him constipation. I'm thinking of trying Mamil gold 2.. Any of your LO tried mamil gold and doesn't give constipation ?

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Usually formula-fed babies are likely to have constipation. From your description of the stage of formula milk that your baby is taking, i presume he has started solids. Common solids food such as rice cereal that is low in fibre can be a cause of constipation coupled with insufficent intake of liquids. You can consider the following methods to treat it: *Help him to get some exercise. While he's lying on his back, gently move his legs in a forward, circular motion as if he was pedaling a bicycle. *Massage your baby's belly. Measure three finger-widths below his navel on the lower left side and apply gentle but firm pressure there with your fingertips. Press until you feel a firmness or mass. Maintain gentle but constant pressure for about three minutes. *Try giving prune or apple juices into his formula milk.

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Hi hi .. I am currently using Similac Total Comfort for my girl - it helps with her eczema slightly according to her pd. No phelgmy sound and I have tasted quite a few brand - seems ok to me. I look at the quality of the ingredients rather than taste. For constipation - I give my Lo Biogaia Infant Drops as when needed when she has runny stools or slight constipation.. Tried all the other formula - nan pro HA/ nan pro, enfamil and Bellamy's and finally settled for Similac. Personally when I take mamil related products - It gives me constipation, hence that was not in my consideration list at all. Hope these helps !

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My daughter has been drinking Similac intelli-Pro since 1 year old. Now she's 3, still drinking Similac. She's doing fine with Similac, no phelgmy sound or constipation. Yes, I do find it is sweet, but I thought most formula milk are sweet. You can ask for samples of formula milk from Pediatrician,email/Facebook to respective milk company and request samples for your LO to try and see which is more suitable for him.

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I meant that it caused constipation for me personally with their maternal formula hence havent not very keen on trying their infant formula. Feedback from my mummy friends (just 2-3 hence not a established sample size) that it give their Lo constipation in the past. Don't know about now though.. Lo is currently 4 months old. a picture of biogaia protectors drops for you :)

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Called up Dumex , they say mamil gold has special prebiotics blends, so shouldn't cause constipation but I guess diff babies adapt to diff formula milk differently

Hi , can show pic of the biogaia infant drop? It is a probiotics ? How old is your LO?

I have lobang for dumex mamil gold!!!! Add me in wechat von2111!!! Somewhat free!

My son drinks Simiac too. Its fine for him.