As a first time mummy I have a few questions to ask and know about it. My baby is 3 months old and she had mild constipation and low stool issue a month ago. When consulted private pd she advised to change it to frisolac gold AR since I was using Frisolac Gold Stage 1. Instead of changing formula, anyone has tried probiotics? Would it help with constipation and colic? Will baby stool be normal and soft?

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Yes probiotics usually helps with constipation. But the reason why your PD changed to AR is it because of your lo having some indigestion or regurgitate issues ?

4y ago

She had mild constipation. Her poop is very little and in a week she only poops 2-3 days and only once a day.

Yes, probiotics may help to poop more regularly if your baby has constipation.

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Probiotics biogaia help with colic. Highly recommended it

4y ago

Alright noted. Thank you. Can i also know if the bowel movement will be frequent?