Any of you who have teenager that have acne breakout & oily skin. Tried alot of off shelves facial cream,wash & etc. Nothing seem to helps my girl complexion to flawless skin. I feel upset seeing her without confidence yet people around will tends to pop questions like'Aiyo why your face so many pimple why so red with acne occurs etc'. Any parents mind sharing with me. Or any good yet affordable dermatologist to introduce me? Thank you.

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Have you tried Proactiv? A cousin of mine had really bad skin in her teenage years and it improved drastically after using Proactiv. It's supposedly the number one anti-acne product in the States. She also overhauled her diet in general -- not too sure if there's any scientific truth to it but she literally stopped eating oily food, junkfood and fastfood. She only drank water for years. Doesn't sound too fun for a teenager but she was really disciplined and I'm glad her efforts paid off. Some of my friends had irregular periods when they were young and had to take birth control to regulate their periods; their skin condition improved after taking the pills, I suppose because their hormones were regulated too and so the hormonal teenage acne went away. Dermatologist wise, I've heard that Dr Lim Kah Beng is really good. His prescription of medication and creams usually does the trick, some claim that their acne cleared up in 2-3 months. Last I heard, per consultation, was about 100++ with medicine and cream. Not too sure how much he charges now. K B Lim Skin Clinic 6 Napier Road #09-06 Gleneagles Medical Centre Singapore 258499

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It really is quite hard to determine the true cause of your daughters breakouts as I'm not a dermatologist by any means. I had a similar situation when I was younger, lots of pimples, lots of scarring. Creams and stuff like that didn't work for me and just caused further inflammation. So I decided to go with natural ingredients instead and it really helped calm my skin down, and with prolonged use it cleared my skin up. One item I used that has really helped is Raw African Black Soap. It's made from plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark, palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. You can find more information about it here: What I find is that it completely washes off the dead skin cells on your body as well leaving it actually squeaky clean. Just make sure moisturise after use

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I too have suffered with acne issues and I found that the best method was a 2-week clay mask bootcamp by Veronica Gorgeois. How I did it: I applied a clay mask every day for two weeks * Let it sit on your skin for 15 minutes or more until the clay has dried up. (It will look similar to dry cement) * Use a damp wash cloth to help remove the mask I used: - Bentonite clay (you can buy the clay online with this link) ( ) How to make: - 1 Tea spoon of apple cider vinegar - 1 Table spoon of bentonite clay - Water * add water little by little to achieve a paste consistency * if it is too runny it will not apply well on your skin - add more clay to the mixture to thicken it I also drank 2 - 3 litres of water daily; and ate a diet rich in raw vegetables to aid the process.

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Teenage acne can be caused by hormonal, some measures to take, try to sleep before 12 midnight, best is by or before 11pm, less dairy products, can try Dr B C Ng, my son sees him, now improved,

Have you tried bringing her to National Skin Care centre? Since she's still schooling I think you can get subsidize.