Any of you send your child to Heguru? Any reviews? At what age do U send ?

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My second born is currently attending heguru at city square mall. He started when he was 20 mths. They will show different activities at v fast pace and try to capture their attention. Now he is 27 mths, he enjoys the lesson but at certain point of the lesson, he will be yawning. I feel that heguru is testing on parent too... Haha... Coz they have mandala (Rmb shapes and colours), rmb numbers and memory cards. Children so young, can't register so is on the parents. Having said that, my eldest attended shichidah. V different fr heguru though both are about brain development. Different style of teaching.

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6y ago

I would say that the constant stimulation and flashcards do help. I feel that the lesson is only once a week and I need to practice with them at home on a daily basis to see results. V draining but must be consistent. The school will only guide u on what