Any review for Stalford learning centre at Jurong point basement 1? Looking for Maths enrichment for my P2 kid

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Sorry but don't really know about Stalford learning centre at Jurong point. Howvever, just a suggestion for you to engaged a 1 to 1 tutor to your place. Isn't it better? Alternatively, you can looking for group tuition or get your child to go to teacher's place. Don't pressurize your child too much when they are young. Let them have a wonderful childhood.

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Might as well engage a 1 to 1 tutor? Ur child can improve faster. Heard of cases where children attend grp lessons at a tuition centre but they cant catch a thing at all. Renowned tuition centres in fact...

The teachers at Stalford learning centre are passionate and motivated to maximize students’ potential. They are provided with a conducive environment that helps them to focus on learning.

Instead of enrolling your child in an enrichment centre like Stalford learning centre, I’d suggest engaging in 1 on 1 tutor at your place.

I agree with the mom above. if possible no need to go for tuition or enrichment. let them learn at their own pace. it's really okay!