Hock Hua Confinement Package Review

Any review on Hock Hua confinement package herbs?

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I ordered the Eu Yan Sang confinement herbal package. I found that it was more worth it as compared to Hock Hua's package because it also contains So Hup and Bak Foong pills rather than just soup packages, plus it also comes with a comprehensive chart so you know what soups to take each day. The price difference is negligible, plus you can get the package for $268 if you have the PAssion card.

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HockHua Confinement Complete Pack $228 seems to be cheaper compared to Eu Yan Seng 28-Day Essential Kit For New Mum - Postnatal Confinement Care $299. Both of the herbs package's contents look quite similar. Confinement pre-pack herbs is very convenient and easy to use if you do not engage a confinement lady to cook for you.

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Herbs are tightly sealed in small plastic bags, every instruction is precise and clear. The soups are also great taste wise. I think the complete package is priced at $268

value for money, instructions were clear, helped me during my confinement. the only downside, I'm not sure if the herbs are too much for my baby who has jaundice.

Any idea about the price for hock hua confinement package in 2020? Is it very expensive? Also, anyone used the service recently? Would love to get some feedback.

Hock Hua confinement pacakage herbs are good. You can find them here: http://www.hockhuaestore.com.sg/web/Products_Details.aspx?CODE_ID=S010120000

Each boxes are clearly marked with soup names, herb names and when they should be taken. I really liked the hock hua confinement package

hock hua confinement package review that I would give is that- very convenient to buy and use, reasonably priced, good quality soupsv

It comes in neatly packed boxes with detailed information about ingredients and benefits and also the schedule.

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With hock hua confinement package, you have a different soup every day. It's the best part I feel.