Review of hock hua confinement 🥗

Any review on hock hua confinement package herbs? Please share for care,

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If asked for a lao ban niang confinement soup review - I would say go for it without hesitation. I feel very refreshed & rejuvenated.

Each boxes are clearly marked with soup names, herb names and when they should be taken. I really liked the hock hua confinement package

hock hua confinement package review that I would give is that- very convenient to buy and use, reasonably priced, good quality soupsv

I would strongly recommend Chair lao ban toa payoh as they offer you the most authentic and tasty cuisine spealizing in soups.

I ordered from madam partum. reasonable price, good service and will indicate what kind of meat to buy for the soup.

It comes in neatly packed boxes with detailed information about ingredients and benefits and also the schedule.

I would recommend madam partum confinement soup as they offer you multiple options with brilliant packaging.

I bought mine at lao ban niang! Can check them out on shopee as their prices are really affordable

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With hock hua confinement package, you have a different soup every day. It's the best part I feel.