Any remedy to stop my nauseating feeling? Ive just entered 2nd trimester. Im prescribed with oral maxalon and ondansetron fr the doctor. Still doesn't seem to help. I've stayed away fr rich greasy food too.

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Nausea is extremely common during pregnancy. It is also known as Morning sickness. The good news is that nausea caused by pregnancy typically will end sometime during the first trimester, even before the second trimester begins. Having said that, the fact remains that every woman is different. In fact, every pregnancy tends to be different, even for subsequent pregnancies for the same woman. There have been women who have experienced nausea not only during the first trimester and during the second trimester, but even into and all the way through the third trimester. In some cases, if your nausea persists into the second trimester, it can indicate a problem that isn’t directly related to pregnancy. For example, many women become nauseous due to the iron content in prenatal vitamins. For others, nausea can just be a sign of dehydration. If you can identify what exactly is causing your nausea during the second trimester, you will have much better luck at combating it.

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6y ago

Iron supplements or pills can actually make a pregnant mum nausea? No wonder I felt like throwing up after taking the iron capsules daily, especially the metallic gases which makes me burped and belched so much. The gases are totally disgusting smell.

A friend of mine swore by lemons to combat her nausea. She literally surrounded herself with lemons -- had lemon candy in her bag, only drank water with lemon slices (apparently plain water made her sick) and even lit lemon-scented candles in her room. She used lemon essential oils as well, dabbing a drop on a handkerchief and sniffing on it whenever she felt the wave of nausea coming along.

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I drink bubbly/sparkling/carbonated water whenever I get nauseated and I find it helps because whenever the weird feeling hits me, I find that burping helps. You can drink soda too but that's not too good to take everyday if you're pregnant so bubbly/sparkling water is a better option.

6y ago

I also somehow find drinking carbonated or sparkling drinks helped me fight that nauseous feeling too.

Is Maxalon or Ondansetron also known as Metoclopramide???? I am taking Metoclopramide currently. Would like to confirm if they are the same.