Life after confinement

How do you cope with life after confinement? Especially with baby, chores, food preparation. I don't have any help fr family, they are all not residing here 😔

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I was in Israel when I gave birth. No relatives and family around. My husband is working as a stay-in caregiver so we only see him once a week. Its my first baby so it was a big adjustment especially as a first time mom with me and my baby alone in our apartment. My priority was my baby. For first time mom, its scary for me leaving my baby alone eventhough shes sleeping so i need to put her on a stroller and take her with me inside the bath room so I can bathe. Sometimes I only cook one huge meal for me because I cant prepare and take longer on the kitchen because I dont want to leave my baby. Household chores can wait. I clean the apartment only once a week especially on the first few months because baby needs attention on the first few months. You cannot do anything but focus on the baby. I was crying on the first few weeks when we got home from the hospital because its only me and the baby alone. When my husband is coming he got all the things thatme and our baby needed and he even cooked food for me good for 1 week. So far i survived! My baby is 1year and a half now and we are here in the Philippines already.

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2y ago

wow.. I can feel u, glad u have survived! I hope I will too