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Hello Mommies. Need some help here. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant. Having placenta Previa now.. and need to mentally prepare fr C-sect since Dr told me to prepare fr C sect too. Baby is quite big too due to i have GDM as well🥲 Anyone can share any maternity insurance that is affordable? Currently unemployed and looking fr an affordable maternity insurance.. #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls #pleasehelp #bantusharing #pregnancy

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Don’t bother getting the maternity insurance. Since you’re already diagnosed it’s too late - the underwriter won’t cover you. Anyway if they cover you it’s only $5-15k and it’s definitely insufficient for any critical conditions you have during labor. More important is your hospital plan covered by medishield - that gives you more financial protection when you need it.

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Given that these are already diagnosed… Even if you buy insurance now, those that are already diagnosed won’t be covered, but you will only be covered for other complications if I’m not wrong.