Any recommended toys for toddlers? Prefer those educational in nature

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Right Brain Babies provides a range of toddler learning toys and educational games. For kids up to and above the age of 3 we offer toys that will help realise their young potential and begin a life of achievement, whilst also developing deep parental bonds and having fun. From flashcards to toys, we have a carefully selected and tailored stock range that suits the needs and requirements of a growing mind. These are more than toddler toys, educational and fun, they act as a brilliant form of stimulus in developing intellect and logic. This range follows the dynamic and trailblazing research of Prof. Makoto Shichida and Dr. Glenn Doman, captivating your child and progressing their crucial right side of the brain. We are the only dedicated suppliers of these educational toys in Singapore, shop Right Brain Babies for the most effective toddler learning toys. As parents, we understand your desire to captivate and encourage your child during play that is fun but also beneficial to their brain development. Through our educational games and toddler learning toys, your child will find themselves in an encapsulating experience in which they grow emotionally, mentally and socially. We adore our products and use our love to be the foremost provider of educational toys in Singapore. I would like 3D Puzzle Block retailing at S$34.90

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I have some preferences on the brand of the toys that provide educational purpose: - Leapfrog toys e.g. alphabet fridge magnetic tiles, - Melissa and doug - learn puzzles and color - Plantoy - most of them are wooden toys and the blocks are good for imagination skills - Lego - For young children, duplo lego is recommended.

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My daughter absolutely loved the jumbo jigsaw puzzles that you can make on the floor. I would usually make them with her. Another favourite was Duplo. The big chunky sizes of the blocks and the colours could keep her busy for hours.

Why not get your tot an instrument?! These are very good for brain development. Anything also that lets them pretend is good, like things that let them build (Duplo, huge blocks sets), or a doctor's kit

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Magna-tiles has a new line of magnetic blocks out specifically for little fingers, ages 12+ months. It's called people's blocks. It's good to help boost math skills. junior engineer it helps in fine n gross motor skills

Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles have different varieties. You can never do wrong with building blocks, too.

Foam mat with alphabet and animal shape. Play doh is also good for motor skills

I love e leapfrog brand of toys n stuff. Very interactive n educational