Any recommended brands of cereal for 6 months? So many out there :)

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The tried and tested Nestle. I am familiar with this product and they have many options for this. I just choose the most basic and add some fishes and vegetables.

I would suggest that you make your own rice cereals instead. It is quite easy to make anyway. In complementary feeding, store bought baby food, whether its listed as organic, is considered junk food. Anything packed, jarred, boxed is considered processed food. Read here how cereals can be dangerous for your baby: Gerber and other packaged (like Cerelac) or bottled baby food are not good as well:

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5y ago

There are a lot of iron rich foods that can be given like kamote tops, tofu, oatmeal.. Most green leafy veggies are iron rich too

I gave mine healthy times brown rice. It is available at most supermarkets. I try not to feed cerelac as they are known to have too much sugar to make baby like eating them.

Thanks Jasmine and Yen Koo

I used Nestle rice cereal for my baby. Convenient and easy as this was being introduced by the infant care centre which he is in. Just follow as teachers claimed the easiest to digest or rather i think it's the cheapest on the market and it is readily available at all supermarket.

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I gave my kids cereal when they turned 6 months old. Normally I will choose organic cereal. You can try HappyBaby organic baby cereal. You can get it from iherb.

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