Any recommendation for gynae who can deliver at Mt E Novena?

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Dr Adrian Woodworth - he can deliver at most hospitals in sg. The facilities are excellent no doubt but my friend who delivered there earlier this year had a poor experience with them. some of the staff are not very experience too and that makes a whole lot of difference during ur hospital stay If u really only want Mt E, I recommend the orchard one which is much better and my other friend who delivered there last yr also spoke well of it. Since u are in ur first trimester only, I encourage to keep options open and u can go for hospital tours in a few hospitals before deciding - late 2nd trimester or 3rd is a good time to go. U can also get an updated pricing for 2017

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My gynae is fong yang whose clinic is at mt e novena. I chose to deliver at my e novena as well. My boy decided to come out suddenly and the gynae immediately sent me down to delivery ward in the same building. Now 2nd preg I went back to him coz I felt so comfortable with him. He helped me to push out the extra placenta that i had in my first preg during natural birth without going through d&c. If not down there double pain plus pocket pain

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Yes Paul Tseng delivers at Mount E novena. I delivered there early 2015. Excellent facilities and staff. Since its new, staff to patient ratio is also fantastic. I was really well taken care of.

Dr Jonathan from Irene&Jon clinic. Their clinic is at mt e nov too. I delivered in Feb 2016 and it all thanks to him that mama n baby are well! He was calm and steady when emergency arises!

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To add, I need to tHank the midwife, Nurses and LC who helped me a lot during my delivery as well as during my stay there

Dr Wendy Teo! She's very reassuring and very patient with our questions. Her clinic is also at Mt E Novena.

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Dr suresh Nair or dr mahesh choolani are highly recommended and deliver at mount e Novena


Dr Marianne Hendricks

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Dr jasmine!