Any mommies is a patient to TMC Dr Sim LN/TMC Dr Benjamin Tham & Dr Adrain Woodworth & Dr Adeline Wong. How's your review on the gynae? Mind sharing the cost of charges during prenatal check up & delivery charges with me? Thank you.

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I think it boils down to ur preference. My Gyne is doctor Adrian and he is a short and sweet Gyne. Anything that is important he will tell u or u can ask if u want to know anything else. The sengkang clinic is small but the cck clinics is ok. If u don't want to wait long then aim to be the first few or the last few patients. I had 3 miscarriages (couldn't find the cause) before finally having a baby boy and he had been sensitive and patient throughout the "dark" period when my husband and I wanted to wait more by telling us factually but allowing us to wait unlike other Gyne who pressure us end it asap. Although he has many patients but he remembers me - which I know from the occasional times I had to call the clinic to ask stuff - they then got him to call back later. In second trimester/got baby heartbeat, you will be asked to sign package for the future routine appointments - Abt higher end of $600. His delivery is Abt 3k cesarean, 2k natural. I had to have jabs twice weekly during first trimester for my baby boy which he never charge consultation. So I think he is a very nice doctor. I wanted to go some other hospital but he gave his opinion Abt it's fee structure so in the end I was w tmc for delivery

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I still remember my visit to Dr Adrian Woodworth. The queue was super long, not enough chairs for pregnant mummies as the clinic was so small. Went in for less than 3 minutes to know that I am pregnant with his stern face. Consultation was around $80 if I didnt get it wrong. After the visit, I switched to Dr Wong Mun Tat at Bukit Batok TMC. Dr Wong is so much patient and assuring in answering all my queries as a 1st time parent. His prices are slightly higher than Dr Adrian but definitely worth waiting and paying!

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Dr Paul Tseng is another pro natural birth doctor who respect parents wish for the type of birth they want and only suggest medical intervention if it is necessary. However, if you are choosing among the above Doctors, Dr Benjamin Tham has good review from our fellow doulas. Always have your questions ready to ask your Doctor about his/her approach at each visit. All the best to you.

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My gynae was Dr LN Sim from TMC. Pro-natural but will recommend what is the best option depending on the situation. Looks stern but actually a nice lady. She will not push on tests or medications, unless necessary. Her rate is $120 on the first visit and $90 subsequently. Her nurses are quite nice too. Her delivery fees are on the high side though.

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My friends highly recommend Dr. Benjamin Tham from TMC as he is very pro-natural and fathery. He is very reassuring to his patients too. Here is the charges for prenatal visits. The delivery charges depends on vaginal delivery or c-section, between 7k to 10k.

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Dr Sim LN Is my gynae previously. She caring & she able to answer my woes during pregnancy. Charges of Dr Sim LN during 1st prenatal chk is abt $150- $250/= Sub visit ard $150- $180/=

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Dr Adrian Woodworth always see him less than 3 mins~ if u prefer fast visit~