"Hi anyone under Dr Jasmine Mohd , Dr Benjamin Tham or Dr TC Chang from TMC? My gynae is gg on leave during my edd....I am asked to choose either one of them.

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Dr Benjamin Tham! He was my gynae for my #1 and he is still my current gynae as I'm expecting #2. A very patience and experience gynae. And yes, v fatherly.

I just delivered this year under Dr Jasmine Mohd.. very nice and gentle lady.. planning to go back to her for nexr delivery

I have many friends going to Dr. Benjamin Tham and commented that he is good and fatherly.

I've heard such good things about all of them!

I found Dr Benjamin Tham very kind and friendly. Highly skilled.

I’m recommending dr. TC Chang, he’s good at managing high risk pregnancy. I was having signs of miscarriage during my first trimester, but he managed to get me and baby safely pass through it. I got high risk due to SLE, but if I compare mine and other SLE mothers, I can tell that my pregnancy has been well managed. Though he’s efficient at communicating, when asked he’ll give his time to explain.

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Dr Jasmine Mohd is very patient and kind which is really nice

She is so nice and patient with you and one of the best things is that Dr Jasmine Mohd doesn't rush any of her appointments

I would recommend Dr Benjamin Tham for sure

Dr Benjamin Tham is truly really friendly