The ang mohs are not following confinement practices like us Chinese but they still grew up fine. Are there are medical evidence behind all these chinese confinement practices?

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I asked my MIL and friends (they are Swedish) and they say that they don't have a "confinement" period per se. They just took lots of rest and ate healthy for the first few weeks. Most of them are up and running, working out and exercising soon after, if the doctor says it's okay. Also, I suppose it's also because they are built differently? Generally, I feel they are physically stronger -- I don't know why, maybe their viking ancestry haha. Speculations aside, in Sweden, they have 1 year of paid maternity leave so I reckon they have a longer time to recover and bond so maybe the whole confinement period thing is not as obvious and pronounced as in Asian cultures. Just my two cents :)

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