My almost 7 month boy was sleeping pretty well in the night until a couple of weeks back. (Feed around 8plus, sleeps from 9 to sometimes 2-3 ish, at times 5am for feed) He has been waking up crying, 2-3 times each night. His bottom two teeth are out. Any idea what else could it be? He has been sleeping in his room since he was 4 months old and we have a baby monitor.

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Hi this may just be a phase as he goes through a sleep regression or a growth spurt. Anytime the baby is going to have a milestone development for eg having teeth out, learning to crawl etc they will have a phase of sleep regression. It will become better again. It hap to my gal for a while and I was puzzled too but she reverted again. Maybe his gums are sore. Try not to start anything new during this period for eg if he usually wakes in the middle of the night to feed then sleep , continue to do so but don't rock him to sleep or play with him etc . Don't start a new habit. Maybe try to soothe him back to sleep by patting him a bit or give pacifier and some milk.

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Hi, It may be because he is teething and may be having some irritation in his gums. Or may be he is in the phase where he is about changing his sleeping pattern as he growing up. The sleeping pattern that he may be having in 3 months, he will not have at one. So, this may be his developmental milestone. Just be patient and pat him back to sleep as you must be doing, and see how he behaves over the period of time. I am sure he will settle down soon. But you must see his paediatrician to make sure that there isn't any colic or tooth related pain that is waking him up.

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I think the most like thing is still teething (the top middle 2 teeth are next). Sometimes this might be accompanied by low grade fever, so you can check if he has that? I gave paracetamol once to my baby because of that, and she did sleep better. Other things to look out for are signs of ear infection (irritability, baby keeps rubbing the ears) - less likely If not it could be a growth spurt or sleep regression

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Probably more teeth to come or just another growth spurt.. keep his tummy full and make sure he isn’t sweating. This too will pass soon