My almost 7 month boy was sleeping pretty well in the night until a couple of weeks back. (Feed around 8plus, sleeps from 9 to sometimes 2-3 ish, at times 5am for feed) He has been waking up crying, 2-3 times each night. His bottom two teeth are out. Any idea what else could it be? He has been sleeping in his room since he was 4 months old and we have a baby monitor.

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Super Mum

I think the most like thing is still teething (the top middle 2 teeth are next). Sometimes this might be accompanied by low grade fever, so you can check if he has that? I gave paracetamol once to my baby because of that, and she did sleep better. Other things to look out for are signs of ear infection (irritability, baby keeps rubbing the ears) - less likely If not it could be a growth spurt or sleep regression

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