4 weeks Pregnant

Hi all. It's me again. Any mummies experienced bleeding (not alot) accompanied but slight cramps & lasted for 3 days but off & on then when urine there are blood but abit only on & off also? I'm at 4 weeks. Went NUH on 26th & HCG still low based on my test kit too (faint lines), gynae cannot conclude anything as still early. I'm getting my blood test again next week to see if any progress on the HCG level. Meanwhile, I tested again yesterday & the lines darkened & no more bleeding since yesterday. I wonder if any mummies experienced it & it is normal. I even googled abt Ectopic Pregnancy. Hopefully it isn't as I do not have any intense crampings. Thank you mummies.

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Could it be implantation bleeding? Im not sure as ive not gotten any implantation bleeding/spotting before... just continue to monitor & go to gynae again for checkup. Rest well & may all goes well for you. :)

3y ago

Gynae did say it might be that. I'm praying hard & be positive. Thank you!

Early stage spotting can be normal. However if you see fresh blood, please go hospital/see your gynae asap. Listen to your gynae advice. Other than that, just relax for now. Don't think / worry too much.

3y ago

It is not fresh blood. It looks like dark reddish brownish kind but since last evening no more. So I'm trying to be positive. Just hope my HCG level increase. Thank you

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Best to consult your gynae again soon, take care!