Early pregnancy bleeding and low hcg

Went to A&E just now coz of bleeding and stomach cramp. It was like more for spotting but little for menses. Based on app im 5weeks today. Doctor did a vaginal scan and didnt see any pregnancy in the womb. Did HCG result 90.6 iu/l. They cant conclude anything till my nx hcg test in 2 days. But it can either be early pregnancy, miscarriage or ectopic. Anyone here faced similar case before and the pregnancy still went on? Is there still any hope for me? 2nd pregnancy..1st was chemical pregnancy #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Heyy I had spotting earlier this year, followed with cramps the day after and then menstrual like bleeding. Went to urgent O&G and had low hcg too. Unfortunately found out at the next hcg test that it was a biochemical pregnancy. While that’s bad news, mum told me that spotting can be normal (happened to her when she was pregnant with twins - my younger sisters). So there’s still hope - go to the next test as scheduled! Hopefully the results are in your favour! 🙏🏼

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1y ago

How was ur test? Hope everything’s ok

Relax… u will soon know the answer and try to calm urself ok. Ur not alone. I also like that. Take care

Super Mum

Have you seen a gynae to confirm your pregnancy before today's incident?

1y ago

i didn't..as my actual 1st appt with nuh is tmr