Post preg depression?

After giving birth, my hub doesn't seems to be super concerned about me.. He's more onto his phones. I felt kinda lonely and no one to talk to. Felt I needed someone to talk to. Not sure if it's linked to post preg depression. Many negative thoughts about this marriage.

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It could be the hormones mummy especially when you are overwhelmed with baby care giving. One way is to communicate with him on your feelings openly to seek his support. Discussing things out is a good way to prevent misunderstandings as well. Also have some me time during breaks to relax like listening to jazz or soothing calm music or yoga as part of the journey of being a mum. Sometimes I search for positive quotes and read it to remind myself that strength comes from within and all the positive thoughts

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Mi too felt lonely! Like no one understands the situation. I was overwhelmed by taking care of baby (i didnt like kids all along). Now breastfeeding has become a major headache for me and i get even more crankier n down. Crying alot alot. I hv alot of negative tots too...

9mo ago

I guess we are going through almost the same thing now. I'm also breast feeding too. Sigh