After a CS birth, how many days until you can take a bath or shower with warm water?

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I gave birth via C Section and I was advised by my OB that I can take a bath after my operation, given that it should only be really quick using warm water. I didn't. I was told by my partner's family not to. It's my first time to move in there that time and just so there wouldn't be any discussion, I just obliged.

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For some moms, they were advised to shower as early as 12 hours after a C-section. While others wait until 3 days postpartum. You may need help washing your hair, though, because it might hurt to extend your arms upward. Remember to be mobile, too. This will help hasten stitch healing.

When I gave birth to my second son i was Caesarean section well the doctor advise me to be conscious most importantly in cleaning my body . I remember its like a week before i took a bath and it should be in lukewarm .