Pregnant lady able to eat curry or tomyum?

Will it affected e baby inside ??? Jaundice n so on?

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It's probably fine in moderation, if spicy food doesn't cause you gastric issues usually. For me, I had very spicy tomyam soup in week 31, and it irritated my guts so much, I had diarrhea for 4 days before it stopped. So I'm staying away from spicy food till after delivery, just to play safe.

i love spicy food now that im preg....tho im asked to reduced by my mum...saying it will affect the skin condition of bb... but...the urge is not able to control...juz eat in moderation i guess..its better than zero appetite...

Nope!! Just eat what you feel like eating dear! I ate tom yum almost everyday in my second tri cus it’s was spicy and sour, totally helps with my appetite 😂

I totally can’t eat anything spicy when I am pregnant! Just eat whatever you crave...but in moderation...

Probably to avoid anything with coconut milk as it tends to worsen the bloatedness in tummy.

Hi, I think it should be fine. Just try to eat in moderation

Nope . Just eat whatever thing u want.

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Can in moderate. Not everytime 😊

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Everything in moderation (:

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Perfectly fine to eat:)