Can eat curry during pregnancy?

My mother-in-law mentioned that turmeric used in curry can cause Jaudice in baby so was curious if it is true. I did avoided in first pregnancy and baby was born with v mild jaundice. I am currently pregnant with #2 and craving for prata with curry.

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TMC PD told me baby sharing same blood type as daddy is more prone to jaundice, not because of food you ate :) and all human (yes adults like us too) have jaundice, it’s the matter of low or high, just like body temperature. I ate 3-4 times during pregnancy and my baby didn’t have high jaundice though he is the same blood type as father.

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4y ago

Thanks for sharing :)

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I ate curry. My lo had jaundice but so did my first born. I don’t think it had something to do with the curry though. Nowadays, we need to fact check all these old wives’ teachings but do educate our elders tactfully 😉

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I kept eating.. husband is indian.. baby has mild jandice... but that's normal.. cause different blood group from your can cause it too

4y ago

Thanks for your reply.. :)

I don’t think so. What about Indians who eat curry? Does that mean their babies are born with more case of jaundice?

asian babies are more or less all born jaundiced, it’s just the severity that differs.

My mil also mentioned the same thing but i just ignore as this is not the actual fact

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Loll really? I dont think i ate much curry but my son had jaundice anyway

No, it’s another one of the old people nonsense

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Can. I also eat curry

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I did