Advice Pls! For the last week my 18 month old refuses to brush her teeth. We've changed toothbrush and other flavor toothpaste but still it's a struggle day and night to have her teeth brushed. Any suggestions is much appreciated!

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Seat down and lie him down Infront of you where his or her head is on your lap, while your legs hold his or her body down. You can cross lock legs around him. You have to force them to brush their teeth you have no choice. Do whatever it takes. Search up online how to brush an active toddlers teeth. These tips might sound harsh but it gets the job done without scolding or smacking. You can also sing to distract him or her. If they scream let them. It's important to protect their teeth at this young age

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Maybe you would like to go toothbrush shopping with her and let her pick out the design which she likes. Read her books about tooth brushing and its importance. Izzy's First Book can be purchased from Amazon and tells a story about a hedgehog's first tooth. Make it fun for her and brush your teeth together.

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Agree with Roshni! Let your child make decisions, let her choose her toothbrush and toothpaste while you shop for it so she feels responsible for it. Or come up with songs to sing while she brushes her things. You can use nursery songs that she's familiar with and replace the words accordingly to make it fun :)

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Things to try; Elmo brush your teeth song on you tube, get her 2 brushes and let her choose between her two tooth brushes, one of us brushing ours at the same time (toddlers love impersonating!)

Maybe can show cartoons brushimg teeth with songs? Or you and husband can brush your teeth to show how fun it is to brush. Maybe then get her to join and cheer her on.

I have the same problem with my 3yrs boy ,he use to complain that his corner teeth is paining him.

Show him videos that shows brushing or bribe him/her lol


I have the same problem