9 months old baby stomach bloated

my 9 month old daughter her stomach is so bloated that looked like her stomach may burst anytime. should I bring her to the doctor?

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my kid has a round tummy perpetually, cause he can eat alot, but he also poop a lot. I guess if baby doesn't show any discomfort, stomach is not exceptionally huge, eat, sleep, drink, play and poop well, you don't have much of a worry. but of course, please seek doc opinion whenever you are in doubt!

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Check if she is constipated, is her stools healthy? does she cry in discomfort or is she cranky? If she is not i see no problem. If its wind you can apply baby oil, RuYi oil.. Put a few drops on your palm, rub to create heat and place on her tumtum. It will help her to fart n expel wind.

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my girl had a very round tummy too. this happens as they are not very active at this age. does doctor raise any concern? you can do a check up on it. generally, i check if it is due to wind and if it is excessively big

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if she is showing discomfort and cranky, its best to bring to the doctor.

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Yes, please consult a pediatrician

Is she passing motion regularly?

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Yes best to bring her to the pd

yes, pass motion.