My 7 months LO going to be 8 months soon. He is so active... When I carry him and sit on my lap he will want to stand and jump, keep jumping up and down. Friends and family will be like why is he so active nv sit still one. He love to be carry around but when u sit down he will make noise like fake cry that kind. And will like to be carry around. When changing of diaper or bathing time, he will turn here and there and try to crawl away or turn on his tummy. I don't know is it normal... People keep telling me other ppl son or daughter won't be like this. Is it true?

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Does he have a routine? How many naps does he take a day? How many hours of sleep a day? I find my LO generally more active & a whole lot louder when tired. This is to compensate their tiredness. When mine has sufficient sleep, she can play nicely on her own. That's just my LO though, and all kids are different.

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It is perfectly normal! It is good to have active children. Every babies behave perfectly, Dont let their comment affect you. Your son is just curious with the surroundings

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