Skin rash?

My 7 days old baby. New mother... very stressed, baby not eating well, don’t poo much and keep vomit half his milk back up even after I burp him.. now his skin at his cheek is so red too. Is this skin rash?? what can I do to make it better???

Skin rash?
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U can use ezerra cream for baby face started having rash after two weeks she was born...I was very worried...but after trying this cream Alhamdullilah now her face is better...and for ur info...I went to see the doctor for her...the doctor told me...she is having these rashes because of my allergies went to her...he asked not to eat chocolate cheese and milk...and I found out my baby was allergic to cheese...whenever I ate cheese only her face started having those rashes...maybe u should stop eating some foods which r not gud for the baby...for the vomiting part...maybe her stomach is filled with gas she is vomiting...try putting oil on her stomach and back... insyallah all the gas will come out...and she will start eating well...

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4y ago

Thank you so much for all your details. Wil certainly do as recommended. Thank you again.

baby muntah selepas menyusu normal sis .. same like my newborn to ... untuk rash kat pipi tu sis bole try sabun badan dan lotion brand cetaphil work for my baby ..

4y ago

sama2 sis 😊

Try to put your breast milk to your baby skin. Let it be dry. ☺

Better go to clinic, ask doctor some advice...

4y ago

I did they said it’s normal about the rash and minor vomiting. But rash is getting redder so I was worried still. Baby finally pooped twice today. Anyway thank you sis again for your concern.

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Try use bebe cream mustela for skin face..

4y ago

Thank you! Will check it out !