Diarrhea... or not?

My 6month old babygirl has been pooping quite frequently lately. Currently mix-feed; direct latch at home and formula milk in infant care. Her doctor at NUH said it’s normal (showed him pictures) but another PD said it’s diarrhoea. She has a tendency of pooping after every feeding or in the middle of feed in IFC. We’ve changed from Enfamil to Isomil but both resulted in the same (poop after feed). Trying Similac Total Comfort now. Any mummies can confirm if this is diarrhoea? Her teachers are concern that it’s not pasty as she has began to start on Cerelac rice. She’s still active as usual though so I’m totally at a lost... kept receiving calls from her teacher while I’m at work and had to bring her back in the middle of the day.

Diarrhea... or not?
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Look like a diarrhoea to me.