Baby suddenly stopped latching

My 6mo suddenly stops latching. She refused to latch. But she's drinking bottle very well. I shouldn't be complaining but it makes me sad that i cant bond with my baby this way. Any ideas why or how to encourage her to latch on again?

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Normal! I faced the same issue with my 3 mth old back then and I too felt really sad that he no longer wants to latch. I missed the bond. I had a very fast letdown that was why he refused to latch then I did block feeding and now all is good! Keep trying to latch especially in a quiet dark room and dream feed. I had a very hard time when my baby cried murder whenever I tried to latch him but he's back to it now. There are times when he still refused to nurse but I will normally dream feed him which works the best for both of us. Keep trying ok mummy! Don't give up!

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