My baby doesn't really like to latch on me after having drinking from milk bottle. Any ways that i can get her back to breast feeding?

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Super Mum

Baby could feel that the milk from the bottle comes faster than from the breast, or that it’s easier to fit the bottle teat into her mouth than the nipple/areola. You could try squeezing the areola a little to get some milk on the nipple before latching so baby can taste milk the moment she approaches the nipple. Also, even for my largely breastfed baby, sometimes she wants to latch only when I’m in certain positions, eg. Standing, or when I’m carrying her (and not when I use the nursing cushion.. but later after she latches on, I’ll gradually sit down), so experiment with different positions, and help guide the nipple and areola into her mouth. Be patient with her, even if her latch is wrong. Guide her and talk to her. Soon she’ll enjoy the bond, and may love breastfeeding a lot more. My daughter hates the bottle now. Haha

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3y ago

Alright thank you!

More skin to skin contact with baby, comfort and talk to her, dont rush into things. It takes time and patience but eventually they will feel your love, don't give up!