My baby suddenly don't want to latch on me... I have went back to work recently but he is still ok with me latching him once a day but now~ out of suddenly he refuse my nips~ Wat can I do to get him to latch back? So heart broken :(

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Sounds like your baby is on a nursing strike. This is common in babies between three and eight months old. It could happen because of changes in baby's routine (i.e., you going back to work) or due to other factors. Nursing strike usually only last for a few days (but could go up to 10 days). Here’s what you can do. During the strike, you need to focus on i) expressing your milk: pump according to how often your baby was breastfeeding. This will help ease uncomfortable breast fullness and maintain your supply. ii) Feed your baby: a cup would be a good choice. If you can, avoid using the bottle. Using a bottle would satisfy a baby’s need to suck and may prolong the strike. The strike could be brought on by a number of potential causes. You can refer to this list to see if your baby is having any of those mentioned: This is also another great article highlighting some common causes and what to do during the strike:

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Ic! Don't worry.. you can try the same method again when you recover.. Hope you and baby get well soon! Drink more fluid and get as much rest as you possibly can for a speedy recovery~

try reestablishing skin-to-skin contact with your baby. when you are not working, let baby lie on your bare chest and let him get used to being with mommy, getting reacquainted by your warmth.