Hi my 6 months baby just have a noisy breathing and a cough is this part of teething? What are the symptoms that a baby is now teething ??

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Hindi po. Pedeng meron syang congestion due to pleghm. Observe po if meron syang nasal flares, difficulty of breathing, > 60 respiratory rate per minute (magbilang mommy sa tyan para di malito), intercostal retractions( malalim ung inbetween rib cage everytime humihinga). Pa auscuktate po sa doctor.... minsan nakakatakot baka mauwi po sa pneumonia.

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Hi... you might find this article informative https://sg.theasianparent.com/be-prepared-for-babys-teething-symptoms

Drooling. For mine is sudden flu. Once teeth pop out, his flu also mysteriously went away

Tend to be more irritable and definitely drooling a lot!

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Fever and lose of appetite also can be the signs

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Yes, cough is one of the symptom for teething

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Don't think so