Is it normal for 5 years old (gg 6) to have fever/cough/flu often?

My 5 years old (gg 6) daughter have been having fever almost every month. Is it normal? Been to 3 doctors, all say is normal because school a lot of children falling sick everyday some more we have ayounger son 3 years old (gg 4). They always share food together and we never separate them even if one of them are sick. But wanna check with the parents here, does your child fall sick easily?

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It is indeed common that kids nowadays fall sick easily through air borne (fever, flu, cough,hfmd, covid like symptoms). It can be due to the environment, low immunity. My daughter's classmates majority of them have been falling sick and it is common. Nothing can be avoided. Even those kids in IFC/CC too. I guess just have to boost them with vitamin C, good supplement, vaccine and ensuring hygiene are cared for. 🥰

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4mo ago

Thank you for your reply :)