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My 5 room flat is cost $580000. Havent met MOP. Still waiting for my final judgement letter. Now my flat is only 3 years. May i know how much loss will there be incurred. Will there be any cash pay out?? Cpf pay out? Appeciate your input please. Thank you.

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You surrender at 95% of the price you first purchased from HDB. You can appeal to HDB for loan due to divorce and a young child. HDB is supposed to judge case by case basis for divorces. If you get declined without good reason or alternative, email the minister, or quality control director or email MCYS for help/support. Or if you had the flat and very close to MOP, can still appeal to sell open market and then buy a smaller flat.

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can't help but keep thinking why u treat this parenting app as ur convenient HDB helpline. Soon there'll be housing and insurance agents and even reno contractors looking for clients in this app, largely thanks to u. Hope the app admin can comment on this.

I might be wrong, but surrendering your flat back to HDB you will only get back 92% of your flat's valuation price. HDB will do the valuation themselves. Please check with HDB to get a better understanding, as their rules and regulations change frequently.

there is nothing wrong posting here and seek for help. Yes indeed we can get help from HDB hotline. We know about that. I dont see a problem when we can get advise or help from other parents. So chill ok.

The best way to find this is via a lawyer. There might be more parameters that are required to find this out...

I will suggest to seek the clarification from hbd or the property agents.

Have you asked HDB about this? They’re probably the best the know.

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Btw why surrender ? any reason

did you get advice from hdb?