Not drinking enough in Infant Care

My 4-month old babygirl has been in infant care for a week now. She’s hardly drinking milk in school; only 50ml-100ml every 2hrs or so. Only once she drank 120ml/150ml. Her teachers tried increasing but she only drank 50ml yesterday. She’s in infant care from about 9am till 4pm, and her milk feeds are mostly only 3 times per day while there. I breastfeed when at home as she refused to be bottle-fed by me/husband. Kept waking up every <2hrs last night for milk and I direct latch. She naps well in school though. Very worried that she might not be gaining weight properly. Any mummies experienced the same situation, or any advice please?

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it might be bottle strike or teething. I experienced same issue when my baby is 1yo. different baby enter this stage differently. I saw alot of mummy having same issue at even 2 month old. I would say it's a phase. when my baby teething she nurse every hour