My 2 years plus daughter started preschool when she was 18 months. She settled well in school until recently she started to resist school and cried a loud before sending her in. The teachers said she will stop crying when the lessons started and she enjoyed the lessons and participated actively. It seems like the issue is with the separation in the morning. Anyone has such issue with that?

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At 2 years old, your daughter has probably hit her new milestone and has developed separation anxiety. This is normal for kids at this age, so it's nothing to worry about -- but of course no parent can bear to see their little one in tears! :( Just keep on reassuring her that you will be there to pick her up after school, and before you drop her off in the mornings, remind her that she has to go to class without mummy (perhaps tell her this as you're getting her ready, over breakfast, and once again while you're walking to school). This should help calm her nerves and make the transition a little easier for both mum and tot :) Good luck!

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