Spotting at 9 weeks plus

3 weeks ago, the gyane diagnosed me with a threatened miscarriage and I was given duphaston for 2 weeks consumptions. Cramps and spottings stopped. After about a week i finished taking it, i observed that i began spotting again and mild cramps observed. Went to AnE last night and was given duphaston again. They gyane prescribed me for another 2 weeks. Since today's morning I saw traces of brown blood while urinating. Some brown spotting on my pad. No cramps observed. Doc will review me again in a week's time. Now qn is, with all these spottings, should i be worried? Should I just wait for the next review? Ive read that brown spottings are quite normal. The pic is taken a while ago. This morning the traces of blood was similar i.e. brown but alot more. Like x3. Again, no cramps observed. This is my first pregnancy. Ive read alot saying brown or pink spotting si fine. So long no cramps or red blood observed. Went to KKH last month and they said just observed. Anybody has spotting in late first trimester? How long did u take duphaston? Please share your story. Tia! #advicepls #pregnancy #firstbaby

Spotting at 9 weeks plus
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I had brown spotting everyday from week 7-10 and was on duphaston. Gynae didn’t find out what was causing it, but it stopped on its own and everything is fine now. I did go in for weekly scans during spotting for piece of mind though :)

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