at 3 month old, my son feeds every 2.5-3 hourly.. and the time will depends on what he sleeps/wake up each cycle.. hence, it could not a fixed m/regular timing per day, and his night feed will change from day to day (smtines 7ish, 8ish, 9ish).. and he doesn't sleep through the night & will wake up 12ish-2ish depending on his last feed.. and another time 4ish-6ish.. do I schedule my baby's feeding time (regular feeding time) or continue to feed in this manner (per his timing)? I am not hoping for the ideal situation whereby he will sleep through, just want to ensure that he has enuff sleep (last feed at 8 plus) and wake up at 7plus so that I can prepare to work..

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At this stage, i wouldnt recommend to fix his feeding schedule, just follow their cues and feed on demand. It maybe tiring as it may sounds but every bb is unique so just take cues from them rather than stopping them if they r hungry. I started work 2mths back but have been coping well so well, yes can be tiring due to the night feeds but ur body will adjust to it, how amazing. Also note that if u try to fix a schedule now, there will a sleep regression during 4th mth whereby they will wake up more than often in MOTN but it is temporary. I suffered an hourly schedule during this period. Sleep early with ur lo if possible to have quality sleep.

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