at 3 month old, my son feeds every 2.5-3 hourly.. and the time will depends on what he sleeps/wake up each cycle.. hence, it could not a fixed m/regular timing per day, and his night feed will change from day to day (smtines 7ish, 8ish, 9ish).. and he doesn't sleep through the night & will wake up 12ish-2ish depending on his last feed.. and another time 4ish-6ish.. do I schedule my baby's feeding time (regular feeding time) or continue to feed in this manner (per his timing)? I am not hoping for the ideal situation whereby he will sleep through, just want to ensure that he has enuff sleep (last feed at 8 plus) and wake up at 7plus so that I can prepare to work..

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you can start training him to regulate to your schedule if you are planning to go back to work. but honestly at that age baby's feeding and sleeping patterns are still regulating, that's why it's quite erratic. you could try tanking him with milk before sleep and see if he will sleep through the night or at least wake up less during the night. Personally, I would just keep to his current patterns for now since he is still quite young.

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