Covid positive

24 weeks pregnant, ART tested positive. Awaiting for PCR results. Fully vaccinated. What should i look out, how long do i get to recover. As under 35yo and 26 weeks will be Home Recovery Program.

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Take care! I hope your PCR is negative and you get well soon. MOH should be able to better advise what symptoms to be alarmed of and what to do. I'll think that if you develop a fever or cramps it's best to let them and your gynae know asap so you can be monitored. Will be good to test/charge your laptops etc in case you turn symptomatic and need to leave the house for monitoring. In the meantime rest well and don't stress!

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2y ago

Thanks. But PCR results turns positive. Waiting for them to call, just filled up thr form they send thru sms

Hi there I was just 6 weeks pregnant when I was tested PCR positive. Recovered within a week with no further symptoms. Most importantly hydrate yourself and have sufficient rest. MOH should tie u up with KKH or some other hospital to do some calls to check on your well being too.

I'm also confused as to what steps to take IF I test positive as an expecting mummy. SG government only gave guidelines for home recovery to under 35 yo, and below 26 weeks into the pregnancy. What to do if we don't fall into this category?

Hi hope u and baby are well! Do you mind sharing what happens next? Do you need to go hosp for monitoring? Or are the recovery procedures the same for pregnant women?

pls take good care and use oximeter thru out the day to test on the oxygen level as well!

Just to check when did u complete your vaccination? I am so sorry about taking the booster.

2y ago

Hi, yes im fully vaccinated. as for the booster ill take after i give birth.

i think need to wait for the PCR result, hope u are ok and smooth recovery!

2y ago

Thanks babe.

I’m so sorry to hear that. Please take care. Have you informed MOH?

2y ago

Thanks. Result is out tested positive. They have yet to contact me

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my prayers for your recovery 🤲🏼