My 20months old LO is still waking up every 2 hour in night and need me nurse her back to sleep. I can't sleep longer than 2-3 hours straight since giving birth. Any mummies experienced that and what should I do? She refused other ppl carry back to sleep even daddy and she refused pacifier. Only me can nurse/ carry her back to sleep.

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My 19m old LO is the same. He drinks like 3bottles of 8oz formula at night. He refuses water and didnt want his pacifier at 1year old already. If we dont give him he cries and cries and refuses to sleep :(

just like what jorelle said. latch while lying down. it will give you some eye shut while nursing your baby

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you try latching while lying down? it's my life saviour. i actually slept while latching

Swap to formula for night feeds. It keeps baby full for longer