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Is 2 milk bottles enuff? For going out etc.. Any recommendations for warmer besides avent?

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I have 5 bottles and if going out, will prepare 2 bottles since my baby feeds every 3 hours now and we usually feed her before leaving the house. Bottle warmer using Tommee Tippee.

Bottle warmer is not very efficient in my opinion. Pour hot water into a big mug and then put the bottle in faster than using bottle warmer

Can buy more. Otherwise u wil wear out the 2 bottle very fast and have to change earlier as well. 4 bottles and above would be good


Tommie tippee bottle warmer is good it can be set. I just got one bottle for water and 1 for milk. I'm using ppsu bottles

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I have quite a lot of bottles as it comes with the bundle from warmer, steriliser and breast pump.

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I have a lot of milk bottles. Anyway it’s best to change every 6mo. Using Avent warmer

I got four bottles just in case. I personally feel that 2 bottles might be too little!

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If you have 2 bottles only then you gotta change more often. 3-4 months.

Yes enough. Warmer can use avent.

I prepared 3 milk bottles.